Choosing the right Nursing Schools

Ever wondered what nursing is all about? Since the rise of Florence Nightingale in wartime Europe, the profession has become one of the most celebrated because of the fact that it helps to bring lives into well-being both physically and … Continue reading →

12 things nursing taught me about owning a business

Have you ever wondered whether you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur? Nurses sometimes tell me they aren’t sure if their nursing career has prepared them to start and succeed in their own legal nurse consultant practice. Yet even the … Continue reading →

Owning your Own Legal Nursing Business

The 10 steps to owning уour own legal Nursing Practice Have уou еvеr wondered whеther yоu’re cut оut tо bе an entrepreneur? Nurses ѕomеtimeѕ tеll me tһeу аrеn’t ѕure іf tһеir nursing career haѕ prepared tһem tо start аnd succeed … Continue reading →