What does it take to be an Operating Room Nurse?

Operating Room Nursing Explained

Are you interested in the field of nursing? Well if so, you may have learned that one nursing specialty is for nurses who want to work in the operating room. These nurses have a special name, and they are referred to as perioperative nurses. Now there are some general qualities that a registered nurse should have, and we will discuss general information about education requirements, skills needed, and salary of general nurses, as well as discuss with you the job of a perioperative nurse.

First of all, in order to become a registered nurse, you will need to obtain your bachelor’s degree in nursing from a college or university that is accredited. The program will require you to take courses in many areas of science, specifically in nursing, as well as take a well rounded course load of liberal arts courses as well. Along with taking courses, you will also have to participate in clinical studies, where you will work in a hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office, or other location for training. This would be in a role of a supervised person as you will not yet be licensed.

Following earning a bachelor’s degree, to become a registered nurse, you will need to take a national nursing examination. The purpose of this exam is to make sure that you have the necessary knowledge so that you can be trusted in this very important position. Many nurses will go on to get their master’s degree too so that they have the opportunity to move forward into supervisory positions and also make more money.

Before deciding to become a nurse, it is important to evaluate if you have the necessary qualities to become a nurse. First, you need to have very good communication skills, since you will need to communicate with both hospital staff as well as with patients. This means that you need to have a positive attitude and be friendly at all times. You need to also have patience. You definitely need to be able to follow directions both in written and verbal form. You need to be a detail oriented person and keep careful notes and documentation. You also will need to be emotionally stable so that you can handle dealing with situations that are highly stressful, especially in the operating room. You cannot be a person who panics or crumbles when things get stressful.

Treating Patients in the Operating Room

No matter what type of nurse you become, you will be treating patients. This job does not just include talking to patients about their medical care, but often providing them with emotional support too. Most registered nurses will find employment in health care facilities, especially hospitals. As a nurse, you may be required to work a variety of shifts. Some nurses work four days a week with ten hour shifts. Other nurses will work a standard forty hour week. Think about it, though. People do not just need medical care during the standard forty hour work week, so nurses are needed to work around the clock. Nurses may work on the weekends and on holidays too.

If you are interested in becoming an operating room nurse, you will be working with the patient in the operating room. This involves care of the patient prior to surgery, during surgery, and after surgery. While they are working in the operating room, these nurses may act as a scrub nurse as they would be responsible for handling the instruments for the surgery. They may also act as a circulating nurse, as they will manage the safety and care that is taking place in all of the operating rooms. In either case, the operating nurse is responsible for working with the surgical team to make sure that the patient is well taken care of.

Operating Room Nursing Opportunities

Opportunities for registered nurses are considered to be excellent in the field of employment. In fact, the employment rates for registered nurses are expected to exceed the rate of growth for the average occupation. When nurses obtain additional training and education, such as that which is required of an operating room nurse, they can earn more money. The average registered nurse will make around $57,000 a year, but this rate will range from about $40,000 to $83,000 in a year. Your level of pay as a nurse will vary based on your location, place of employment, specialization, and training and education.