Your Guide to Refresher & Re-Entry Courses in Nursing

Do you need a Refresher Course for Nursing or a Re-Entry Course?

What is the difference between a nursing refresher course and a re-entry course?

Refresher Courses for Nursing

So you want to return back to nursing?

A refresher course is for previous nurses who have maintained their nursing registration but have been been out of the workforce for some time.  If you’ve been out of the Nursing Workforce for a while and need to brush up on your skills as a nurse there is a range of refresher courses available which will help you on your way to becoming “refreshed” as a registered nurse and get back in to the workforce.  Refresher courses are available online through TAFE, Australian Universities and registered training organisations.

Re-Entry Courses for Nursing

The main difference between a refresher course and a re-entry course is whether you have maintained your nursing registration.  If you have left the workforce and your nursing registration has relapsed you will need to do a re-entry course in nursing.

Re-Entry Courses for Nursing are available for nurses who wish to get back in to nursing again after nursing registration has lapsed.  In 2008 the Australian Government announced the Bringing Nurses back to the Workforce Program which is part of a multi million dollar plan to bring nurses and midwives back in to the workforce.  Like the refresher courses these are available through TAFE, Universities and Online.