What are the different types of Forensic Nurses?

Forensic Nursing itself is to describe the general Forensic Nursing field. Within this field there are different specialists.

What does a forensic nurse do?

A Forensic nurse investigator has many responsibilities. Here are the top 6:

  • Visit the scene
  • Identify forensic evidence
  • Document injuries through forensic photography
  • Investigate suspicious and/or unidentified trauma
  • Investigate automobile and/or pedestrian accidents
  • Investigate fatal and non-fatal assaults

The different types of Forensic Nurses

A Forensic Nurse can also be known as:

  • A Forensic Nurse Practitioner
  • A Forensic Science Nurse
  • A Forensic Mental Health Nurse
  • A Forensic Nurse Death Investigator
  • A Forensic Psychiatric Nurse

The Forensic Mental Health Nurse

The Forensic mental health nurse diagnoses and treats perpetrators pre and during a trial.A practitioner manages the mental health of the perpetrator, such as addictions, psychiatric disorders, and physical treatment needed during this time. An advance practice license is required.

The Forensic Nurse Death Investigator

This type of Forensic Nurse investigates death in numerous parts of Australia. You can be an employee or an independent contractor.

What is a Forensic Science Nurse?

There is no difference between a Forensic Science Nurse and a Forensic Nurse. Just two different ways to explain the profession.