Nursing in Australia

Nursing in Australia is a rewarding career.  Being able to help sick and injured people as well as making people lives better whilst also getting paid for it is something that makes the thousands of Nurses in Australia get up every day and look forward to going to work.

Why become a Nurse in Australia?

The typical answer of “because I wanted to help people” of why people chose to become a nurse is becoming less popular these days.  There are plenty of other reasons why people decide to become a Nurse.

Here are some additional reasons why people are choosing a Nursing Profession these days:

1. Ability to Travel – People may not realise it but becoming a Nurse offers opportunities around the world whilst having a highly sought after and paid profession.

2. Variety and Opportunity for Advancement – Although most nurses do work in hospitals, there are other careers available for qualified nurses.  You could become a nursing supervisor, a mental health nurse, even a ship cruise nurse.  The possibilities are endless!

3. Recognition – Many people think that nurses are not appreciated enough but to the typical person, a nurse is a noble profession.

4. Being able to serve others – The most common reason people choose to become a nurse in Australia.  Nurses love to serve their fellow human beings in time of need.

Studying Nursing in Australia

studyingnursingWhen you study Nursing in Australia you develop specialised skills that can be applied in many different and varied situations.  Studying Nursing in Australia enables graduates to work in the nursing profession.  You will be part of a team of skilled nurses and working for the respective state Authority.  Have a look at Enrolled Nursing Courses to find out more.

Courses for Nursing in Australia

nursingcoursesThere are plenty of nursing online courses available in Australia.  The most popular being the Royal College of Nursing Australia.  You can choose from a bridging course in Nursing, Postgraduate and even online nursing courses.  The most common nursing course these days is the Bachelor of Nursing Online and usually runs for 3 years full time.

Forensic Nursing

forensicnursingA reasonably new form of Nursing in Australia is Forensic Nursing.  A forensic nurse typically gathers evidence that would be used in an Australian Law Court.  One of the duties of being a Forensic Nurse is to testify in trials.  Read more on Forensic Nursing.

Nursing Salaries in Australia (Nursing Wages)

nursingsalaryaustraliaNursing Salaries in Australia have improved over the last few years.  At the beginning of January 2011, the average salary for nurses in Australia was $66000 per annum.  At the end of 2011 this rose to an average nursing salary of $75000.  As at December 2012 the average nursing salary has increased to $79,000.


We’ve got a lot of articles on this blog about Nursing Careers and some stories to tell.  Take a look around and find out more about Nursing in Australia.


17 thoughts on “Nursing in Australia

  1. Hi there there is so much information about moving over to Australia.Myself and my wife are nurses with 8 and 10 years of experience in District/Diabetes/Research/Sexual Health , Orthopaedics/Endoscopy CN respectively. Any thoughts of where to start ??

  2. It’s great to see a site dedicated to Nursing in Australia. It’s quite informative without being too formal. Keep up the good work.


  3. Health Workforce Australia has recently embarked on a project aimed at identifying opportunities for effective nationally coordinated action, to strengthen the sustainability and capacity of the nursing workforce. Tell us your story at Your feedback will help to shape the future of nursing in Australia by identifying what is working well and what needs to change.

  4. Hi, i am a ocupational Health Nurse in Brazil with over 3 years experience, and i would like to know if i could work in the same area ones i had evaluated my nursing degree in Australia?

    Thank you

  5. [email protected] on said:

    Hi. I want diagnostic imaging nursing program either diploma/bachelor degree.i am a registerd nurse.can u assist?

  6. to whomever it may concern
    I’m a nurse with 10 years experience and I’m 32 years old.I have 8 years experience at heart surgery and 2 years in kids section.I live and work in Iran.I want to immigrate to Australia with my husband and my daughter.My husband is a computer engineer and my daughter is 4 years old.
    I want to know how can I register myself to ANMAC before immigrating to Australia?
    If I apply for visa my husband and my daughter can immigrate with me?

  7. Nursing salaries in Australia is considered to be one of the best in the world and you need to be well equipped with additional nursing certifications to succeed as a nurse in Australia.

    • You’re right George. There’s been quite an influx of registered nurses to Australia. The nurses salary here is probably the reason.

  8. I enjoyed reading this article maybe because the points you’ve mentioned are absolutely true. At first you will say about helping people but as you go along you’re now after the pleasure and benefits of being one :)

  9. Hi. I am interested for the bridging course program for nursing. I am already a registered nurse in the Philipines, Any helpful details regarding this course and how to apply for this is appreciated.
    Kind regards

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